Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008 - Baby's First

Twas the night after Christmas and all through the house all you could hear is Little Ivy screaming with her mouth. Her mommy was sleeping so daddy had to stay awake so little ivy's mommy could sleep late.

We have run the gamut with sicknesses it seems like. We were on amox.icillan, then on day 8, it caused this.

A rash from head to toe. We stopped giving her the medicine, and eventually it went away.

The cold has been very persistent with terrible coughing in the mornings. Two kids in her class at school have RSV. Uggghhhh.

Then Christmas morning, we decided after we drank the bottle, we did not want it anymore, so she threw it up. And before we left to go to my parents, she did it again. Not as much this time, but still. Everything the rest of the day is fine. We get to DH's parents and we feed her a pureed banana. She loved it. She ate all of it. The just as we are getting ready to sit down and eat dinner, it begins again. She vomits EVERYWHERE. Forceful, multiple time vomiting. Who's ready to eat?

So, we eat, and come home. No more puking. Yet. I go shopping the next morning to get stuff for next year. I get home, take Ivy from DH, and she promptly pukes again. And again, and again. Our poor couch.

Our experience with San.ta. We had a plan. (I have not learned yet that when I say this, Ivy lets me know, that we will do things her way, not mine.) We would eat and leave for the mall. She would be happy, and we could get it done. We got to the mall, go to Santa and surprisingly enough, the line was not long at all. Why? Because santa was going to dinner. When would San.ta be back you ask? In an hour and a half. 2 mins past baby girl's willingness to smile for a picture. So this is what we get. (At least she is not screaming.)

Here is the picture we used for our Christmas cards.

Baby girl has learned to grab her toes. I am sure she does things at daycare, and then later do them here. B/c it is just all of a sudden she does something new.

She has learned to yell, "talk", squeal. It is so funny sometimes, b/c we have NOOOO idea what she is trying to tell us. She has also learned to scoot backwards on her backs. She arches her back and pushes. It makes diaper changing time difficult. She will sit up by herself when she wants to. She still falls over some, but is getting much better at it. I don't think she will ever roll from her back to her tummy considering how much she despises tummy time.

Last but not least, if you all don't have one of these, you need to get one. It is a jumper that hangs on the doorway. We also have a jumperoo, but she likes this thing sooo much more. She is getting her toys confused, b/c she tried to jump in her walker the other day. Very funny.