Thursday, December 31, 2009

I can do it MYSELF!

Baby girl loves to do things herself. Especially putting her shoes on. She can't quite get the socks on, but she can easily do the shoes by herself. Due to this new found independence, I had to put her in a modified figure 4 in order to put her shoes in socks on so we could go to daycare.

So, now we are learning to put our pants on.

Looks good so far.

OMG, I am so proud of myself!!!

Maybe we need a little more practice.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

So, we have decided that from now on, Santa must only buy gifts that have already been put together.

Because I was ready to give up. And this was the only thing I had to put together.

And then after Santa left us a mess, we got it all straightened up and ready for the big morning.

We like to vacuum.

We like to ride in our wagon.

We like to push our baby stroller.

And sometimes we want to be pushed.

It was so neat to see her eyes light up when she saw her presents. You could almost see her thinking where did all this stuff come from?

Oh my, how many times do I have to pull her out of that stroller!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

My first Marathon

This was certainly a week to remember. It started with my sister and husband both having the stomach virus and baby girl being diagnosed with the flu. This was all on Monday, and we were flying out on Thursday with the big race on Sunday. Everyone was back to normal by Thursday evening when we left. On the plane, my mom gets sick. Turns out, she has the stomach virus. (She was also going to running the half marathon.) Later that night my grandmother gets sick. Everybody is barely ok on Friday. Friday night, my husband gets sick. This time he ate something that had shellfish in it and we did not know it. Saturday, everybody is barely ok again, and then Saturday night, my husband gets the stomach virus again.

But he was such a trooper. He still got up and went with us to the race site at 4:45 am. Nevermind he throws up on the way there. He was not going to miss me starting. The race started at 6:00 am. We ran in the dark for about 45 minutes. My mom and I started out together, and eventually I got in to a rhythym and went faster. Well, I stopped to go to the bathroom, and when I cam out, there she was again. So we ran together for a little while longer. THen I left again. I was feeling good, so I just went with it. I ran the first 13 miles at the best pace I have run in 2 1/2 years.

The runners were told that starting at mile 14, there would be gels at every mile. THerefore, I did not worry about taking any with me, because they had the same type I had been using in my training, so I did not think I would need any. Well, I got to mile 14, no gels. They had not gotten them. I got to mile 15, no gels. They were out. At this point in my nutrition plan, it is time to eat something. They do have some chomps. (they are like hard gummies bears) I manage to eat two of these and that is it. About two miles later, I started breaking down. I was getting dizzy and not feeling well. This had happened during my early training runs, but had not happened in a while. So, I did what I do best. I call mommy. I do not give her the extent of my troubles, I just tell her I am having trouble, and I need help. And by help, I mean coke. I need something else in my system besides water, gatorade and gels. I even started to cry because I fel so crummy, but I couldn't not finish because there were so many people that were cheering for me. I could not imagine the possiblity of not finishing, but the way I was feeling, to continue may be dangerous. So, I slowed down dramatically. I a slow walk. I got another gel, and took it down. I know at this point, my mom is coming to bring me a coke. About mile 19, I am feeling a little better, and i start to jog sporatically. My mom (and my dad as it turns out) are looking for me. So, every so often I call to see where she is. SHe has gotten to the aid station at mile 23, so they tell her. I have made it to mile 21 at this point. So, I know now if I keep going, I should meet her at about 22.25 - 22.5. I have a goal. I get there and don't see her. I keep going, they are still coming towards me.

Now one other thing you have to know. My mom has just finished her half marathon (13 miles) which her longest run in the last 2 years has been 5 miles. My dad has hip surgery and has a fake hip. And don't think my husband has just forgotten me, remember he has the stomach virus and just can't stay out of the bathroom. So anyways, I finally get to mile 23 and still have not seen my parents. So, I call them and tell them to go ahead turn around. At this point I feel good, and I am going to finish, and I want them to be there for that. Apparently, they had driven around for 45 minutes, all the roads are blocked to this main street we are running on, and when they parked they were at mile 25. I tell them to go ahead and turn around now. They leave the coke at mile 24. I get it from a volunteer, take a couple of drinks and get rid of it. It was delicious. I finally see the backs of two very familiar people ahead of me. I yell to them and they get very excited. My dad takes pictures of me running towards them. I go past them, and get to where there car is parked. I ask the cop to please tell them the quickest way to get back, because I only have a mile to go, and it took them 45 minutes to get there the first time. It was NOT going to take me 45 minutes to finish, and again, I wanted them there. I called with about .3 miles left to make sure they were there, and they were, so I could go ahead and finish.

YEAH!!! 5 hours and 19 minutes later, not only had I gone 26.2 miles, but I had learned a lot about myself. It is a physical race, but also very mental. Once you get past that mental block, it is very freeing. I learned later, that my dad had walked about 2 miles in the opposite direction looking for me. He said the only thing he knew was I was in trouble and he needed to find his baby girl. It makes me tear up thinking about it now. I also learned that he was mad he and my mom had turned around without seeing me. He had walked that far, he wanted to see me. But that was ok, because I found them. It was so wonderful having everyone there at the finish line. My husband, daughter, mom, dad, granny, sister, brother in law, and 2 nephews. I have never felt so proud to have so much support shown for me. (They all even wore matching t-shirts!)

Our plane did not take off on the way down there until after baby girls bedtime. I was hoping that she would be tired and go to sleep. Before I have ever underestimated my daughters ability to stay up late. Here is an example.