Monday, December 27, 2010

Birth Story

Better late than never. So here goes.

The last time I went to the doctors office was on Sept 29th. I was STILL only 1 cm. So that meant not inducing the next day. We were scheduled to go to the hospital on Tuesday Oct 5th at 5 pm. They would put in a cervadil and hope that by in the morning we were ready.

During that week, I did everything I could think of (and was willing to do) in order to get Ada to come out on her own. Lots of walking, squats, some running, and yes, even a little sex. I did not want to be induced.

It is funny to me that my first came five weeks early. So for this one, we (and I mean I) were given weekly 17p injections to prevent early pregnancy. I started having contractions some where around 28 weeks. They even did the fetal fibronectin test to see if she was coming early.

So at this point, (40 plus weeks), not only has she not come early, but we are looking at forcefully evicting her. Crazy.

So anyways, we get to the hospital on Tuesday afternoon and the process begins. After being checked in and going through all of the questions, the nurse decides to check me. LOw and behold, we are at a 3 - 4. Yeah, no cervadil. We did ask if we could go home, but the answer was a NO. At that point they did go ahead and start anti.biotics. They would change the bag every 4 hours.

To say that no one got any sleep was an understatement. My husband went to waf.fle house at 3 am to get something to eat. I had not been allowed to eat since midnight. Little side note: the waffle house he went to was robbed one week later at the same time of night he was there. Uggh.

I never did think morning would come. The nurse said I could do anything I wanted to until 6 that morning. So, I got up and took a shower and we went to walk the halls. At this point, I am still trying to get this baby to come out on her own.

At six, we were back in the room ready and waiting for the nurse to start things. She finally came in and started hooking me up. The doctor came in about 7 to break my water. That was the oddest feeling. She did not tell me what she was doing, and I first I did not notice the big knitting like stick she was holding. After she broke my water, she mentioned that it had meconium in it and I started to worry. But she kept telling us not to worry and that everything would be fine.

I was still a 3 - 4 after all of this. So I made the decision to go as long as I could before getting the epidural. I think I made it 2 to 2 1/2 hours. It had gotten to where I would lose focus during the contractions. I just did not want labor to stall after I got it and have to go for a c-section. This was my BIGGEST fear. So after 2 plus hours of what I consider OMG contractions, I finally got the epidural about 10:30. By the time he was finished, she checked me again. Still a 3-4. At this point I thought I would cry. I was so upset that the contractions had been that bad (in my opinion) and I had made no progress. I was sure we were headed for the operating room.

Well, then things got crazy. I was having terrible pain under my right hip bone. They kept turning me over and over trying to get the epidural to take on the right side. Nothing was helping. They put the oxygen mask on me. They gave me a "booster" shot of pain meds to try and get the pain to stop. Meanwhile, baby's heart rate is going crazy. Up, down, up down. All over the place. I started to get very nauseous. I just knew I was going to vomit. I felt terrible. They did end up getting me some phenagran through the iv. It immediately made me feel better.

So, the nurse decided after all of this she better check me again to see what was going on down there. Now since the epidural had been put in, it had been about 45 minutes. She checked me and I was at a 9 and things were happening fast.

The nurse told them to call the doctor and get things set up to deliver. After things were getting ready, the nurse wanted to do a trial push to see where we were. This had to be the funniest part. She said when I felt a contraction to push and see what happened. So I did and she said STOP. Baby's head was already crowning.

Because the doctor was not there yet, I was told, in a semi laughing manner, to put my legs down, no laughing, no sneezing, no coughing. She was afraid the baby would come out.

The doctor finally got there, and we were ready. We pushed a little just to get her head out. She had to be suctioned quickly and in depth before she could breathe in any meconium so that she would not get sick. It seemed like forever with them sucking her out. I pushed one more time and she was out. And just like her older sister she did not cry. This has to be the hardest thing in the world. All you want is that cry to make you feel like everything is ok. We waited and waited and waited. They were still trying to suck her out to get all of the meconium out. She finaly cried a little, but not much. Unfortunately, Randy did not get to cut her cord b/c of all of this.

But after a little bit, everything was ok and we were all good.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

2 months old

We go to the doctor today for our first set of shots.

But for now here is a picture.

Friday, October 29, 2010


Here are some updated pictures of the new baby.

For my info - at one day shy of 2 weeks, she weighed 7 15, which included 2 oz of food just before weighing.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Ada Jewel Baker has arrived!

Born on Wednesday October 6th at 12:33pm
Weighing in at 7 lbs 8 oz and 20.25 inches.
She's got a full head of black hair and she is gorgeous!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Conversations with a 2 year old

These get better everyday.

These both happened on the way to school aka daycare this morning.

Princess: Look mommy!

Mommy: What is it honey?

Princess: A booger!

Mommy: Wow, where did you get that from? Can you hand it to me please?

Princess: My nose mommy. Here!

At least she didn't eat it. She has been known to tell me about it, and then say "all gone!"

Right now we are potty training. Last night, she refused to poop in the potty. And did not want to poop in her panties, so she insisted on a diaper. Well, I don't want to push the issue, so after asking her a few times to just try pooping on the potty, we put a diaper on. 2 mins later, "ok, I need panties now". Hmmm. She is too smart sometimes.

So, anyways, there was a strange smell coming from the back seat.

Mommy: Princess, did you poop?

Princess: No, I just had gas.

Mommy: Oh ok.

Well, I am glad she admits to it. I would have thought it interesting if she were to have pooped in her much coveted panties she had on.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Eviction Notice has been served

I am now 37 weeks and more than ready to get this ball out of my stomach! Even my husband is complaining that he is not sleeping. His reason, because I move too much. I go back to the doctor on Tuesday. We may or may not do a growth scan to see how big she is. Our first was already 6lbs 7 oz at 5 weeks early, so I am concerned this one will be big too. We will see what happens. I am secretly (guess its not a secret anymore) hoping to not make it to that dr's appt.

Here are the pictures for 37 weeks.

Potty training is going. She only goes when she wants to or when she decides she wants a "prize" (better known as a gummy bear).

And because you haven't seen the first one in a while. Here she is after just waking up from a nap. She is eating a cookie.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another comparison

I have to say, last time I did not look at the two pictures before I put them on here. I was so amazed at how closely they resemble each other, I wanted to do it again. Again, I have not looked at these two yet.

First picture - first baby

Second picture - second baby

Oh yeah, but the way, the peeing in the potty did not last. Only two days. Oh well.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

And on the 3rd day...

Ivy went to the potty!!!

Yesterday was her 3rd day in the 2 yr old room at "school". When I picked her up, she had a star on her paper that said she went to the potty. Well, she has been "going to the potty" for a several weeks now. She never does anything when we get there. But she yells that she has to go potty, and will go into the bathroom, pull her pants down, and take her diaper off. Nothing has ever been produced though.

So, to say I was skeptical about the fact that she had ACTUALLY done something was an understatement. I asked the teacher this morning if she had actually done anything, and she had. Ivy actually went pee in the potty!!! The teacher said the did the hand clap song and got gummy bears. Well, who wouldn't go to the potty for that.

So, the teacher said she was going to try some pull ups today with Ivy and see what happens. Oh my, I would be so excited to get her out of diapers before the new baby comes.

My sweet girl also will tell daddy and I "bless you" when we sneeze. No one else though. Its a work in progress.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Is this any better

My sister and my mom said they could not make a good comparison, so for them, we have done another one. Is this any better?

First picture - first baby

Second picture - second baby

Monday, June 28, 2010

A comparison

My sister thinks I am carrying this baby differently than the first. SO, for her, her is a comparison at 26 weeks.

First picture - first baby

Second picture - Second baby

Sunday, June 6, 2010

In cased you have missed something...

... This is what has been going on.

We are currently 23 weeks pregnant with our second girl! Because the first one came at 35 weeks, we are at a high risk to have this one even earlier. So, I am on 17P shots every week since 16 weeks. Some weeks the shots really hurt, other weeks not so much. I have started developing a welp every week where I get the shot. But, I would rather do this than have a baby born earlier than 35 weeks. I was even told to stop running, and nothing strenuous. Oh well. October will be here soon enough.

Being pregnant with a toddler is obviously WAY different than the first time. Even if I had been told I couldn't run, I am not sure I could have anyway. I get so worn out. I seem to cramp and hurt more than the last time too. But apprarently all of this is normal. They tell you that you will feel more of everything with subsequent pregnancies.

The baby is due on my late grandfathers birthday. My grandfather was a twin and his sister is still alive. She will be 90 this year. So, we are naming the new baby after him / her.

But in other news, here are a few pictures of our sweet princess now.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

2 conversations that make me wonder

Within 24 hours, I had two different conversations with two completely different people in two completely settings.

#1 - At a restaurant. You are given the breadsticks, and the waitress asked if we wanted dipping sauces. DH of course says yes. I tell him later that they charge you for those. Well, the sauces never came. We ate our meal, she packed the leftovers into a bag, and brought us our ticket. This is what happened when she came back.

Us: (Pointing out the dipping sauces on the bill) Umm, we never got these, could you take them off please?

Her: You never got them? Hmm. Would you like me to bring them to you now?

Us: (dumbfounded looks in her direction). Umm, no?

#2 - At the gym. I moved from one treadmill to another because it had a fan blowing on it, and it was hot inside the gym. The man beside me looks at me after a few minutes strikes up a conversation. (Nevermind I am running at this point.)

Him: How long are you running?

Me: Just an hour.

Him: Well, that is a lot of calories.

Me: Not really, at the slow pace I am running.

Him: Well, fatter people burn more calories.

Me: (Thinking WTF? You blankety, blank, blank man, what is your problem. Oh I better answer soon...) Yeah.

Where do I find these people?

Anyway, because I know you do not come here to read about stories about me. Here are some pictures of the sweet princess.

This is what happens when I am NOT paying attention.

Yes, that is crayon on her face. I did not realize you could color your skin with crayon. I guess she needed a mustache.

And this is her showing her muscles.

The other day baby girl came into the bathroom dragging something. I could tell she was pulling her hamper, but the last I checked, I had emptied it into the washer.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random Stuff

We had our first dentist visit on Jan 28th. It went as well as to be expected. She liked the people. I was very proud of her. The lady dentist poked around in her mouth, and because baby girl was crying, the dentist lady even sung the itsy bitsy spider. Baby girl did not scream, which I was prepared for, she just cried a little. But as soon as the dentist was done, she was all smiles. She said her teeth look fine. She did have one issue though. The skin that connects the top lip to the mouth, connects very far down on baby girls teeth. It is just above the gum line. The dentist said that at some point it is bound to happen, just be ready for it. Baby girl will fall and that skin will split. And because it is in the mouth, it will bleed profusely. Sounds like fun huh? Oh well, at least we are prepared.

It is tax season for me now, and that means working on the weekends. This past weekend, I worked from home because we had some bad weather. My husband tells me it is tough to keep baby girl all day. What do you think?

Like I said, we had some bad weather this weekend. I did have to call my mom and promise her that I would never make her take me out in the snow again. Ughh. Poor parents. We stood on the back porch for about 10 minutes. I brought her inside, and she cried and cried. You would have thought I had taken the baby doll form her. But no, I just wouldn't go back outside with her. Mean mommy.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fun with Alex

We went to a birthday party at Chuc E Cheez today.

Some fun pictures.