Saturday, May 31, 2008

Strange Dreams

My dreams about the baby are becoming more frequent, as in, the past two nights in a row. The first night, baby girl's hand came out, and I could rub my finger inside her palm. Apparently it was comforting to her.

Last night, I was able to unzip my belly, take baby girl out and play with her. Then I decided that she needed to go back in for a while, so I stuffed her in back in and zipped myself back up. But I do have to say, she was the cutest thing in the world. And she did not appreciate being put back in.

Baby girl and I played golf with my dad (her papa) yesterday. It took us 5 hours. A very long time. We were paired up with two other guys. It is ok if you have one bad player in the group (always designated to be me). But when there are two, it takes so much longer. I was worn out last night. My hands were the only things that hurt today. My back does not hurt at all, and actually feels pretty good. Overall, we had a great time playing.

My work is throwing me a shower on Thursday. I can't wait. Of course, I do not like being the center of attention. I will definitely take pictures so everyone can see them.

My mom has started on baby girls curtains, bumpers pads, and stuff like that. That is what I am REALLY waiting for. I am so excited to see that stuff in there. Then we can hide the fact that we haven't bought a mattress for the crib yet. (I am waiting on a coupon before I go get it.)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

"You are going to roll off"

All of a sudden it seems the belly has taken on a new dimension. One that sticks out far enough to prevent me from leaning over any more. If I am in the passenger seat of the car, and something is in the floorboard, well, it will stay there until we get to our destination. If I open the car door too wide when I get in, My DH has to drive slowly and hit the brakes to close it enough to bring it to me. The other night we were on the couch and I was going to get my water off the coffee table in front of us, and I tried rocking back and forth to get enough momentum to grab it. That is when the sweet love of my life says "You are going to roll of here if you aren't careful". So, I politely thought, well then smarty, why don't you be a dear and get it for me. He must be able to read my mind, b/c he does get things for me now. He helps push me up when I get off the couch, he pulls me up when I would sit on the curb at the festival. He is going to have very strong arms after all of this.

Monday, I went swimming at the pool closest to my house. The female lifeguard stared at me more than the male lifeguard did. I think she was thinking, oh, I sure don't want to have to save that. And a reminder to myself and anyone else who may pick up this sport, always get in by a ladder. What I forgot was the fact that I would eventually have to get out. My arms have lost muscle and I have never lifted 150 plus lbs out of water before, while trying not to squish the belly. Comical to say the least. Hopefully I brightened someone's day.

This is just for me to remember something silly my husband did the other day. We were sitting on the couch eating dinner, and looked at me and dug the tag out of my shirt. He looked at it and said, "Well, they were right." I said huh? He said "It says made in heaven." What a fantasticly corny husband I have. He is the best.

This weeks weight: 152.4. (Seems we are sticking with the pound a week.) And 40 inches.When I go to the doctor on Monday, I am going to ask them to approx how much baby girl weighs.

Here are a couple of comparison picures.

22 weeks

27 Weeks

32 Weeks

Happy Anniversary!

To my Husband,

You are the most wonderful man in the world. I never imagined someone could make me as happy as you do. And Yes, even though I seem to cry a lot right now, I truly am happy. I am so luck to have met you and get to spend the rest of my life with you.


Friday, May 23, 2008

Weekly Update

Yesterday, I stopped at the grocery store, and this man did something that made me shake my head at him. Next time, I will ask him what he was thinking. He had 2 or 3 bags in his grocery cart as he was leaving the store. He walks past the grocer corral approx 6 feet, just outside the sliding doors, gets the groceries out of the buggy and leaves the cart there. Why? Would it have been that difficult to leave the buggy inside and take your groceries out there? If nothing else, push the buggy the 6 feet back inside. Lazy Butt.....

When I wake up in the mornings, my fingers hurt. They seem to be very tight. I thought that was supposed to happen at night b/c of fluid retention and go away over night. Maybe mine is just weight gain. Anybody else have this? I do sit at a computer 5-6 hours of the workday. That may have something to do with it also.

This weeks weight was 151.4 and 40 inches around. The pictures are bad quality this week. But it looks like she was sitting further out than last week.

I can't get it to upload these now. I will get DH to do it tonight.

Here is a picture that we took in the parking lot of a store. I love the silver jacket.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Everybody ought to try it once

I went swimming yesterday. It was the first time since becoming pregnant. And it was absolutely wonderful. To be weightless again. I would have never even known anything was different, except for the fact that I am larger in general. But whatever, it was still great. I highly recommend it for anyone.

I am in the pregnancy stage now where my belly is bigger than my boobs. When I wear t-shirt, the boobs kind of get hidden by the shirt, and then I just have a big belly. They need to grow a little, so that they don't look so funny or non existent. I say this now, remind me in a few weeks when I am complaining b/c they are too big, and I just can't do anything with them.

You know, women were made to have babies. Things happen during the nine (ten) months of pregnancy to prepare you for the end result. Ex. Going to the bathroom all night long prepares you for waking up to feed the baby during the night. Your hips seperate to allow for an easier birth. But yet, for some reason, the arms have been left out. I think they ought to grow a couple of inches to accomodate getting around the bigger belly. Examples: Having to move everything forward on my desk so that I can reach it without bumping baby girl into the desk. Having trouble wiping b/c your arm just isn't long enough. Cutting your toenails and shaving.

And just for the sweet factor, my husband's biggest concern (right now) for after baby girl arrives: How is he going to kiss her goodbye in the mornings without waking her up. How sweet.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The moment we (well me) have all been waiting for

Here is our baby girl. I no longer say little, b/c she looks a little pudgy to me. I can only imagine what another 9 weeks will do to her.

The fuzzy parts of the pictures are where she is nuzzled down into me and the "camera" couldn't pick it up. She looks like her head is squished for room right now and never could get her face very far away from the placenta.

She has her foot in her left eye. But you can see her little toes. Her right arm is coming across her chest below her chin.

This is her yawning (who ever knew this could be exciting).

And this is just a regular picture. Her foot is just below her chin in this one.

I will see if I can get my sweet, DH to upload the video of her yawning. It is only 30 seconds, so not that long. Hopefully it won't be too boring.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Lots of stuff...

DH enjoyed his class very much. He learned a lot from what I can tell. The best part was it was all guys (except for one wife) and the teacher was a guy. Now, why would a wife go to a "Just for Dads" class? I hope she felt silly. They learned about breastfeeding, hormonal craziness, and diapering. They even got to watch a video. I haven't heard to much about the video, so I at least hope he kept his eyes open.

We had our 4d ultrasound today. It was fantastic. I will post pictures tomorrow after the family has seen it. At first, baby girls foot was poking her in the face / eye. Kind of like she was scratching, but using her foot. She is very much nestled down into me. She is laying on her left side, head down, facing my right side. The "things" I am feeling are her knees. Last night she poked them out so hard, it was like I almost would have been able to grab them, had I been quick enough. THe lady then had me turn over onto my left side to see if baby girl would slide back some so we could get a better picture of her face, and move her foot away from her face (she looked very uncomfortable). And it worked. When I turned back is when we got the best pictures. We even caught her sticking her tongue out several times and yawning. And if you looked really close at one of the pictures, it appears as if her left eye opens just a little bit. But the lady could have told us this, and I would have believed it. So, who knows. All in all, it was WELL worth it.

The funny thing is though, I still have this huge disconnect between what is on the screen is actually what is inside me. It is as if I am just watching a movie of some sorts, and it is not really the baby girl we are going to have. I tell my sweet husband this, and he looks at me lovingly and says, "Have you seen your belly yet?" Yes, but it is still hard to comprehend. I wonder what the day will be like when I finally realize the connection between the two.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Weekly pictures...

...My belly button is pushing out more and more. I have caught glimpses of it under my shirt in the mirror. Yuck! I guess it looks even more funny since its not completely out, but not completely in either. How do you get such a deep belly button to begin with?

Daddy has his first class tonight. It is just for the daddy's, not the mommy's, but the lady said some women still come to them. I would feel bad I was the only women in there, but also if my DH was the only guy without his wife. I would also hope the women would stay away because that could be intimidating for the guys. I am sure most of them have NO clue how to change a diaper and bathe a little one.

Weight this week is 150.2, and "waist" is 39.75 inches. I looked at my old pictures the other day, and could not believe that my body used to look like that.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Good Visit...

...My dr's visit went fine this morning. Baby is currently head down. I am hoping she stays that way, because I don't won't her to turn late in the game and not be able to turn back (on her own). But the lady said anything is still possible at this point. The same dr was there as last time, so I chose to see the NP. That dr is just weird. He has no bedside manners at all. He is not a feelings type of person. Chances are, he will be the one on call, when my baby decides to come.

I still have not caught on to the reality of this "there is going to be a baby soon" thing. My family went out for breakfast on Mothers Day and the ladies at the register kept telling my Happy Mothers Day. But to me it was like they were talking to someone else. Baby girl got me the Fleet.wood CD. We just love it. Maybe if I teach her now, she will not listen to stuff I care nothing about later.

This past Saturday was DH's birthday and we went to one of his drag races. This is the first one this year where nothing has gone wrong (on his car at least). I think I am a good luck charm. His mom and dad came so his dad could race his car for the first time in over a year. (His did not go so well.) But we got to spend all day with his mom for mothers day in advance.

I got my bathing suit in the mail yesterday. I liked it so much, I cooked dinner in it. It is so very flattering! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Starting with the boobs, it slants down and out, ending at the bottom of the belly. Wait till I go out in public in that one! I can't imagine the looks I am going to get. Maybe I should take a hidden camera.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Today's Go.ogle...

...heartburn and how to get rid of it. Last night was a terrible night until about 2:30. Now, I have always had bad acid reflux, but never heartburn really. If I wasn't carrying an extra person, I would have thought it was possibly a heart attack. Maybe a little over dramatic, but close. We laid in bed a few minutes, I was laying on my left side, and when I rolled over, it seemed all of the pressure moved to the other side, and I thought I was going to vomit or be crushed by the ten ton weight I felt had settled on top of me. So, I immediately turned back over. Better. I am not one to sleep on one side, so every time I would turn over, the same thing would happen. Finally about 2:30, I tried again, and it went away after a couple of seconds. I had tried earlier in the evening to fix it, but it did not work. My sister said chocolate milk is what helped her so a lot.

Also, yesterday, I had my first almost fall. Both my mom and my DH asked what I was doing when this happened, and sad to say, but I was walking. Nothing else. So, from here on out it is tennis shoes.

My dear sweet, sweet husband has really come up with some sayings lately. Some of them I look at him and wonder, did you think about that before it came out? He says them all in a cute, sweet way, so they don't seem nearly as bad. But, my revenge will be hormones and labor. So, I leave it at that. I think he is going to get the more unpleasant end of the deal, we'll see. But I will give you a couple of examples:

While sitting on the couch the other night watching the belly, "You look like you have a watermelon in there." And yes honey, it feels like it sometimes too.

Last night, "where did your belly button go? She is going to karate kick it out soon". Like I haven't thought about that already.

And here are your weekly pictures. No big changes I don't think. Weight 149.2 and 39.5 inches.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Busy weekend...

...We put the crib and dreser / changing table together this weekend. At first we did not think the crib came with instructions, but luckily, after google helped me out again. Some other experienced crib putter-together told me they were attached to the mattress holder in a pouch. And sure enough they were. I was worried.

The changing table took a lot more time. It took right at two hours to put together, but we think it looks great. Now I can finally put some of her clothes in there and not on the bookshelf. I know I still have to wash them, but we will do that later. That would be too much fun for one weekend.

I will leave you with some pictures and a quote from my DH. "You gain 30 lbs and everyone says how great you look. I gain 30 lbs and no one says anything."

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I passed!

My GD test came back fine. 133, and their limit is 139. Next big thing is the 4d ultrasound on May 17th. I can't wait! It will have been 11 weeks since we last saw her, and I am sure a lot has changed since then.

Here is this weeks picture. Weight was 149.4 and 39 1/2 inches. Not sure how true the weight is, considering we ate at Out.back last night. I guess we will see in a day or two.

I have rethinking this belly button thing. Although I still can't wait for mine to pop out. But, in my opinion, I do not like seeing a belly button through a shirt. It is disgusting. I do not have many, if any shirts, that are not tight across my belly. At this point, I am just going to duck tape my belly button down, so that I don't have to look at it poking through the shirt.

My swimsuit should be here this weekend. I am very excited. It is a one piece, not one of the tankinis that most people carry. Those just did not work for me.

I kept my nephew this weekend. He seems to be a human vacuum cleaner when it comes to picking stuff up off of the floor and putting it in his mouth. I was dressing him to get ready to go to lunch, and coughed, and I did not think anything about it. Well, a minute later, a penny falls out of his mouth. Ok, well that was close. About five minutes later, while I am getting ready, I see him chomping on something. What could he possibly have now? A dime AND a paperclip. What?? If only we could get him to produce the money he is finding to chew on, we would be rich! And I don't know how people having a second child do it. It wore me out to watch him, and I only had him for 24 hours, and he slept 13 of those.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!