Tuesday, April 26, 2011

6 months old

20 days ago. But we are just now having our 6 month visit.

So, here are a couple of pictures from this morning. The self portrait of the 3 of us tells the story. Randy says I look a little frazzled. I wonder why?

And our experience with the Easter Bunny. I told Ivy she could get candy from the Easter Bunny's basket, but she had to get close enough to pick out the candy. That was as close as she would get, hence the picture.

And bless that little teenagers heart (this was at Pizza Inn). I don't think he had ever held a baby before. I guess I just wanted a picture, he would figure out how to hold her. And he did good.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The things this kid does

cracks me up!!

Today we were at a restaurant eating lunch, and they had music playing. SOme of it was 80's music. I had just told my husband how loud it seemed. (I think I am getting old.) And this is what followed:

Ivy: I need to get down mommy (out of the booth)

Me: Why?

Ivy: Because I need to dance.

Me: Well, ok, have at it.

And I tell you, she proceeded to dance her little heart out in the middle of the restaurant without a care in the world.

And today marked the infamous beginning of WHY. Why, why, why. That is all I heard this morning. Never have we had this before. I was dreading it. I was secretly hoping we had missed this stage. But alas, we are not that lucky. I tried to be a good mom and give good reasonable answer. But never fail, she wore me down and I ended several sessions with "Because I said so".

And starting early, with never to be shown up by her sister, Ada had her own first yesterday. She rolled from her back to her stomach. I never did see Ivy doing this, or at least remembering it, so I thought this was huge.

Ada is also sitting up pretty good. I put a bo.ppy kind of thing behind her just in case.

She also decided while she was on her stomach yesterday to skooch (I have NO idea how to spell that word, so I spelled it how it sounded.) her butt up in the air and attempt to propel herself.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot until I looked at the pictures, Ada also put her foot in her mouth for the first time.

We leave you with some pictures of our recent outings.

Mommy and Me exercise time

And this next one is just because there seems to be a theme

Why is it there are two pictures of my backside? Surely, I have a better side.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Starting to talk

Last night was a rough one. Ada fell asleep early without eating all of her last bottle. She was up again at 10:30 screaming at the top of her lungs. This is so uncharacteristic of her. Normally, once she is down at 7:30, she is down for good, and you never hear a peep out of her. You almost wouldn't know she is in there.

I gave her a little bit of food and she went back to sleep. Again at 1:30, she started screaming again. Not just little yells, full on wailing and sreeching.

So, we gave her gas drops, more food, and she was pretty warm, so to top everything off, I gave her some Mo.trin. After that, she woke up this morning like nothing was wrong.

I give all of the background for the fact that I think it was one of those "baby is going to have some sort of development leap, growth spurt" nights.

Tonight while she was on the changing table, she started to make real word sounds, not just babbling. It sounded very close to dadadada, and boy did she have a lot to talk about. So we may be close to our first words.