Thursday, February 28, 2008

And it is...............

.... A healthy mexican jumping bean. At least that is what the tech called it. I had some orange juice before we did it, so we could make sure Oscar would cooperate. Well apparently Oscar knew what was coming.

Everything looked absolutely wonderful. No signs of anything. All very good measurements, blood pumping good, good fluid. Baby still trying to suck thumb or fingers.

So, then the big moment comes. Oscar decides to sit straight up cross legged, hands in front of privates. Very nice. She tried shaking baby, and baby would not cooperate. So then, out comes the magic vaginal camera. We fooled baby before it could move, and looked directly between the legs. And saw parts. Girl parts or boy parts? Soon enough. Soon enough.

Then we had to wait another 1 hr and 10 mins for the doctor to tell us everything looked good (which we already knew) and ask us if we had any questions. At this point, I was willing to make up anything. I was going to get my 1 hr and 10 mins worth of doctor time.

But, everything looked great, and a 90% chance of a normal baby. Apparently, she forgot who the parents were.

Here are the new belly pictures and a picture of Baby Baker.

And no, that is not ET's phone home finger across from the baby's stomach. I am not sure what it is. And for those of you trying to figure out what it is, you can not tell in this picture, and the above mentioned object is not that!

A letter to our child...

Dear Oscar / Cathleen,

We obviously hope and know that everything will go great today. You will be a perfectly healthy little baby. But for your mommy and daddy's sake, please cooperate with us. We would like to know if we need to build a pink or blue drag car. Only one time will I every say this, and you better not do it for anyone else or ever again, please have your legs seperated and not crossed so we can see what is going on. I promise to feed you very well and keep you safe and warm.

We love you very much and can't wait to see you in at least 20 weeks, but not before then please.


Mommy and Daddy

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Only one more day!

Tomorrow is the big day. We are so very excited. We listed to Oscar's heart beat last night, and it was the loudest it had been and he / she was swimming around at the time, because it kept moving on us. It was also the first to the doppler registered the BPM. Normally you can just hear it, but we saw the numbers last night. Because baby kept moving it ranged anywhere from 135 - 150.

This weeks baby update talks about dip in energy levels. How convient that this morning I needed to take a nap by 7:00. It is going to be a long day.

Our new mattress is wonderful. It feels so good to lay on. I am still waking up every three hours, but more just to check the clock, and go back to sleep.

Hope everyone has a great day and we will update on everything about the ultrasound tomorrow except the sex. That is a secret until the family can get together Saturday night!

Friday, February 22, 2008

A mish-mash post

Like that would be different than any of my other random thought posts.

Pregnancy nosebleeds stink. I have had them for about one and a half weeks now. Sleeping is more troublesome than it ever has been for me. I used to be able to sleep 9 - 10 hours straight and not wake up. I am lucky to get 6 - 7 in a night now. And that is broken up into 2 - 3 hr stretches. Gee, sounds like my future.

For the past couple of mornings, I was not hungry when I woke up. So I was glad thinking that today I could sleep in(6 am instead of 5 am). But no, Oscar decided he was hungry, and I was forced to get up just to eat. Now it is 7:30 at night, and I can barely hold my head up.

Name picking is fun. Not really. There are so many things you have to ponder when deciding on a name. Will they get made fun of? What possible mean things could be said that rhyme which such and such name? Does it flow well? Will the child like their name when they grow up?

DH met me at work tonight and we went to look at daycares. On the way to the first daycare, I could feel Oscar moving. So, I put my hand on my belly, and promptly received two kicks. I almost pulled over so DH could feel it, but as quick as it started it stopped. I tried poking to get him / her to do it again. But, oh well. It was cute while it lasted.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Almost there...

We now begin the one week countdown until the big ultrasound. We are so excited about this. I wrote an email yesterday saying we had 22 weeks left, which all of a sudden did not sound so long. Not long enough in my opinion. But anyways, DH said he would have the room ready. I mentioned we needed to go ahead an start trying to put our ideas into action. We know we are going to go with a rainforest theme. So, yesterday, DH says well we can get more done to it after we find out if it is a boy or girl. And I mentioned that for me, it wouldn't change, and why would it for him. He responds with, well if it's a girl, I won't put all those swimsuit posters up.

Now I did not grow up with any boys, but I dread the day (if we have a boy) that I walk into his room and find a half naked girl on the walls. Maybe I should just send his father in after a certain point. Sister, you should probably remember this too.

This week the weight is at 134.8, and 36.25 inches. Here are the regular pictures, and I have added one from the front just for fun. It looks rounded from the front as well. It is amazing what laying off the Jack in the Box milkshakes will do for weight gain. But, oh how I miss them.

Oh yeah, I received my first unsolicited belly rub yesterday. It was a client who is a nurse at a doctors office. So, not a complete stranger. I am still going to assume that will never happen.

Has anyone done cord blood banking? Who did you use and why? have you had any problems since choosing that particular company?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Oh the hormones...

...My grandmother asked me yesterday if things had "leveled" out to which I responded a quick no, and looked at Randy and he was shaking his head. Hmmm. Yesterday had been a bad morning. But playing with the fetal doppler seems to give me reassurance so, $100 well spent.

My dreams have now taken a turn for the absurd. One night, Oscar was here. He had just been born and was the size of a toddler. And he could talk in complete sentences. And I was breastfeeding him, in my dreams. No, I will not breastfeed my child when he is big enough to talk in sentences. We will stop at 1 year, at the latest.

I wonder how many pregnant women think this same exact thing: We need a new mattress. I am sure I am not the only one. Ours stinks! The ones at the store were so comfortable, I wish we could have stayed there for the night. I love waking up with a neck and back ache after not sleeping much at all. Great way to start a Monday!!

Also, I hate our washer. It does not like me or my clothes. It likes to leave soap residue all over my pants and some shirts, even though we use liquid detergent.

And then last night, as it begins to pour rain, our back window in the living room starts leaking.

Other than all of that, everything else is just peachy. Tax season is less than 2 months from being over, and I can have my weekends, nights, and lunches back. You never realize how precious a few hours are until there gone. Won't that be an understatement once Oscar gets here.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Best Valentines Day Ever!

We went to eat at Jason's Deli. I know, very romantic. But, we did not want to go somewhere where we were going to have to wait for 2 hours. At 5:!5, Outback already had 15 - 20 people standing outside. CRAZY!!

But after dinner, we went to the mall. And I am sure you all are thinking the same thing I was, what surpise could possibly be lurking in here. Build A Bear workshop. We built a bear for Oscar. It is naked right now (no clothes), and it says I LOVE YOU when you press the button. We will buy it some clothes when we find out if we are having a girl or a boy.

While we were standing in line, I was watching another little girl make her bear. You have to pick out a heart, rub it, kiss it, and make a wish on it. Well, of course, I started crying. Poor Randy, I am not sure he knows what to do with me. He asks me if I want to leave and of course I say no, so he says something silly so I will laugh at him and stop crying. I bet people are thinking what an awful husband he is to make me cry on Valentine's Day. If they only knew.

I checked my meausrement yesterday, and I was wrong. It was only 35 3/4. But Girl Scout cookies are here, so look out. I love Caramel deLites. They are wonderful!

Here is the new picture. I can't wait to get a new picture of Oscar in less than 2 weeks!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

To my husband...

...I am so lucky to have you. I would never have guessed one year ago, that we would be where we are now. Of course, I think that all the time. But I am so lucky to have met you and married you (twice!). I love you so very much and look forward to spending the rest of my life with you!

Weekly update

I was poked in the belly from the inside yesterday. Kind of funny. It was very gentle though. Yes, I will savor the gentle moments, for a have a feeling those will not last forever. After this, Randy apparently talked with Oscar, and Oscar was kicking me to show his displeasure with me. Why you ask? Because I did not invite my husband to our father-daughter-daughter breakfast. Yes,my mom was invited, but we go very early, and she doesn't like getting up that early. Who can blame her?

I am going to have to check the measurement again. I thought it was 36 3/4. That can not possibly be right considering last week was only 35 1/2. Weight was 134.0. No shock there. Well, yeah there was. I was more careful this week about what I ate, well, I was better about what I ate. Lately, I have been so hungry in the evenings, and then again when I first wake up. Although that could be a good explanation for the measurement change. I will check it again tonight when I post the new pictures. (Sorry, I left the camera at home this morning.)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines Day!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

General Ramblings...

Things of note: **UPDATED**

1. My parents heard the baby's heartbeat on Sunday. I teased my mom that the baby was very low, which usually means a boy. Funny thing, we already have the girl named picked out, but not the boy name. That seems to be harder.

2. I have decided I am having triplets. I am housing one in my uterus, and one in each thigh. Everybody says "Oh, you will lose the weight when you deliver". Not unless I push a kid out from my thigh will that happen. My rationalization, now don't laugh. I needed extra padding between my legs so that when my hips separate (in order to make delivery easier) I won't look funny with two sticks coming off my hips. The area will be filled in with this newly aquired mass I call fat (and cake and pizza).

3. My mom thinks its funny that I hide my bump so well under my clothes, and that is looks so big in my weekly pictures. Of Sunday, she saw where it came from after I downed 4 pieces of pizza for lunch. And who doesn't want lunch at 11:20? Now to my credit, I took off the cheese, pepperoni, and sausage. I did eat the vegetables however.

4. My DH thinks he is going to have to get a second job to support my fruit eating habit. Is it too late to start a watermelon garden? Fruit is very expensive, especially when you buy it in the party tray size. Oh well. Now we know what to look forward to with food costs when our child becomes a teenager.

5. Maternity clothes - The stores always tell you "Buy your prepregnancy size". Well, I call bull on that one. I would be half naked if I went with that thought. It would require two pair of pants and two shirts for one outfit. Oh well. I am comfortable and well fed. What else do I need?

6. My mental note: When measuring belly, do not create extra fat roll using waist band of pants. This will only add extra length that is NOT due to baby. Interesting.

Funny joke I saw on one of the pregnancy websites. Three women having lunch discussing what their babies will be: boy or girl. One lady says, If the woman was on top, it will be a girl. If the man was on top, it will be a boy. You can see the other woman thinking and in the bubble over her head is a picture of a puppy wrapped in a blanket.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Better you than far...

...Yes, it will be my turn soon, but not yet. Today is Lara Lyn's day. She is the BIG 30!!!!!!! And she claims to not be upset about it. We'll see.

Happy Birthday!

You're wearing what?

Yesterday was not a good clothes day. I almost convinced myself that leaving in a camisole would have been appropriate for the day. Considering it was hot in my house yesterday morning, I was convinced to wear a t-shirt to work. Well, I have two pregnancy t-shirts. One is two tight to wear alone to work, the other, made me look like a house (like everything does right now). So, I put on a pre-pregnancy shirt that we bought around Christmas time figuring it would give me a couple of weeks. It fit great then. Not so good now.

I used to make fun of people that wore belly shirts, because I thought they looked ridiculous. I believe you should hide your belly, not completely, just under clothing of some sorts. Well, after yesterday, everything has become a belly shirt it seems. The shirt I wore yesterday was too tight on my boobs, and the end of it just kind of stuck out in no-where land because it was too short to hand down over my belly.

But as the read earlier, I did not care at this point. I had tried on no less than six tops. Yes, the camisole was looking better and better. Although it no longer covers my stomach either, neither do my cuddle duds. Very humorous(sp?) in deed.

My DH learns very quickly I found out this morning. We are taking our weekly picture, and as I stand there, I smartly say, "Am I standing up straight?" Now yes, I know, I am bringing it on, but ups to him for not taking it. He says, "well, it looks like...I love you." Wow! I was so happy with him! Six months from now when he asks me if I sticking my belly out, I may just sock him.

Randy's Corner: Last weekend, the baby was in a funny place in me. Everytime Randy would step on the gas, stop quickly, or go around a corner fast, I could feel things shift. Very odd. So, I tell him about it. He does it again, thinking it is funny. I tell him again and add, no, I don't like the feeling. Well, apparently Oscar told his daddy he like the roller coaster rides (stopping quickly, taking curves fast) and daddy would not stop doing it until Oscar said stop. So, not only does Randy talk to Oscar, but my child is already talking back. Great.

Measurements: 35.5 and 131.8. Funny, the weight is growing unproportionately to the stomach. Were could it be? Oh yeah. The thighs. The butt. The boobs.( I like this one though)

New Pictures are up. There is even a new picture of Oscar, although it is 3 weeks old at this point.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Let's Recap...

...It is 10:24 in the am and this is what I have eaten so far...

1 light (8 grams of fiber) english muffin with peanut butter
1 banana
1 bowl of heart healthy blueberry oatmeal
1 calcium chew
3 saltine crackers with peanut butter

First of all, I think my mom lied to me when she said peanut butter would stick to my ribs and keep me full. Same goes with everything I have heard about fiber helping you feel full.

Well, apparently I have a monster in my belly who can not get full. The only place the peanut butter is sticking to is my thighs and my new lovehandles I have acquired. And no, I am NOT very fond of them.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Some firsts...

...Yesterday was the first experience of baby on bladder. Wow, was that fun! We were on the way to Randy's families houses, who live 45 mins and 1 1/2 hours away. I went to the restroom before we left. We stopped at exit 5 (25 mins away) to get gas, I went then also. We are driving up the mountain, probably 15 mins after leaving the gas station, and wham, I ned to go again. Now for those who don't know, there are no rest areas or gas stations to stop at on this stretch of road. I told Randy, currently we are at one desperate to go to the bathroom, if we get to two, side of the road it is. Nevermind that I know at this point, we are 10 - 15 mins from his sisters house. But I really don't think I am going to make it. We finally get to their house. WHen I get out of the car, I cough, bad idea. Then, we have to go upstairs, It is a struggle at this point. Now keep in mind, this baby only weighs a few ounces. Finally, I get to go and it is relief I have never felt before.

It is funny, because I could realized when baby had moved away, because I no longer felt that URGENT need to go. So, I apparently I am going to need to borrow a bladder, because I can't imagine what it will feel like when baby actually weighs something. I guess it will be the side of the road. Ahhh, the places our relationship is about to go. Stay tuned for those fun days.

Another thought I had, why don't they get real women who have gone through pregnancy, to talk to teenagers about this. What teenage girl, as much as body image is an issue, would think, oh, maybe I would like some stretch marks, or a bigger butt, and stomach. Now they probably should not tell them about the bigger boobs. This I believe would have the opposite affect. Maybe this would prevent a few "accidents".

Friday, February 1, 2008


I forgot to add the link to our newest picture of my apparently ever expanding belly and butt. I will TRY to get Oscar's latest picture on here tonight.

I have shortened this to go from 10 weeks to current. But it also includes all baby pictures.

Click on the word belly in the first sentence to go see the pictures.

Baby's heart beat sounds great!

Doctors appt was fine yesterday. We heard a very strong heartbeat on the fetal doppler. Their machine is obviously better than ours so we were able to hear both parts of the heartbeat, not just the strong beat. Baby is measuring 15 1/2 weeks which is right on schedule from the last ultrasound.

For this appt, we got to the office about 5 - 10 mins early. They took us straight back. Put us in the room and the lady did not tell me to change clothes. Hmm, I thought, I better ask. So I did. Then we find out today's appt will only be measuring me and listening to the heartbeat. So we had to wait 35 mins for a 10 min appt. At this point I tried to come up with questions because I wanted my wait times worth in doctor time. Not that I cared for this particular lady, but still. Randy asked her a question about cord blood banking, so for her answer, she spoke directly to me. Not once, that I remember, did she ever turn to him to talk. That just irritates me. DO you think he comes to these appts for fun? No. He, just as I, was under the assumption I was in for another pelvic exam, and he LOVES being in the room for those. SO, I just thought that was rude of her, just as if it had been the other way around (which it has before).

On the way down to have blood drawn for an alpha protein test (shows chances of spine defects I think), we were talking about having blood drawn and Randy pretends he is passing out. How in the world does he think he is going to handle a baby delivery? Maybe we should cover the floors in mattresses or something. Maybe he needs a doula.

We go on Feb 28th to find out if its Oscar, Oscaretta, Michael Jackson or Cathleen. We had the chance to make the appt on the 27th at 9 am, but that would again interfere with Randy getting to work for his meetings. So this time, we decided to do it in the afternoon, the next day. I have already warned him that at 9 on the 27th, I will be mad at him because we could have been seeing baby, but no, because we want to play nice, we have to wait another 18 hours. That will drive me crazy. But, if I recognize it now, maybe it won't be a big deal.

Hope everyone's doing well!