Sunday, February 7, 2010

2 conversations that make me wonder

Within 24 hours, I had two different conversations with two completely different people in two completely settings.

#1 - At a restaurant. You are given the breadsticks, and the waitress asked if we wanted dipping sauces. DH of course says yes. I tell him later that they charge you for those. Well, the sauces never came. We ate our meal, she packed the leftovers into a bag, and brought us our ticket. This is what happened when she came back.

Us: (Pointing out the dipping sauces on the bill) Umm, we never got these, could you take them off please?

Her: You never got them? Hmm. Would you like me to bring them to you now?

Us: (dumbfounded looks in her direction). Umm, no?

#2 - At the gym. I moved from one treadmill to another because it had a fan blowing on it, and it was hot inside the gym. The man beside me looks at me after a few minutes strikes up a conversation. (Nevermind I am running at this point.)

Him: How long are you running?

Me: Just an hour.

Him: Well, that is a lot of calories.

Me: Not really, at the slow pace I am running.

Him: Well, fatter people burn more calories.

Me: (Thinking WTF? You blankety, blank, blank man, what is your problem. Oh I better answer soon...) Yeah.

Where do I find these people?

Anyway, because I know you do not come here to read about stories about me. Here are some pictures of the sweet princess.

This is what happens when I am NOT paying attention.

Yes, that is crayon on her face. I did not realize you could color your skin with crayon. I guess she needed a mustache.

And this is her showing her muscles.

The other day baby girl came into the bathroom dragging something. I could tell she was pulling her hamper, but the last I checked, I had emptied it into the washer.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random Stuff

We had our first dentist visit on Jan 28th. It went as well as to be expected. She liked the people. I was very proud of her. The lady dentist poked around in her mouth, and because baby girl was crying, the dentist lady even sung the itsy bitsy spider. Baby girl did not scream, which I was prepared for, she just cried a little. But as soon as the dentist was done, she was all smiles. She said her teeth look fine. She did have one issue though. The skin that connects the top lip to the mouth, connects very far down on baby girls teeth. It is just above the gum line. The dentist said that at some point it is bound to happen, just be ready for it. Baby girl will fall and that skin will split. And because it is in the mouth, it will bleed profusely. Sounds like fun huh? Oh well, at least we are prepared.

It is tax season for me now, and that means working on the weekends. This past weekend, I worked from home because we had some bad weather. My husband tells me it is tough to keep baby girl all day. What do you think?

Like I said, we had some bad weather this weekend. I did have to call my mom and promise her that I would never make her take me out in the snow again. Ughh. Poor parents. We stood on the back porch for about 10 minutes. I brought her inside, and she cried and cried. You would have thought I had taken the baby doll form her. But no, I just wouldn't go back outside with her. Mean mommy.