Friday, April 25, 2008

That wasn't so bad.....

...I am not one to be afraid of needles, so having them draw blood doesn't bother me, I guess I am one of the lucky ones.

They had to reschedule my appt, so I went yesterday afternoon. I never realized how fast 5 mins went by when you are trying to finish a drink in that amount of time. The drink was not bad at all. I chose the orange. Baby girl LOVED it though. She had a good time for a little while after that. Her heart beat was LOUD when the doctor checked it, and he was telling her to calm down. Hello! You just gave her pure sugar, what did you think it was going to do.

Then I asked this doctor, who was male, what his feelings and the general consensus of the practice was about epsiotom.ies. His thoughts were, most first time mothers need them, and he would rather just make a small cut. His two reasons for this were 1. It was easier to stitch back a straight line cut than a jagged edged cut. 2. It makes a woman's bottom look nicer. WHAT??????????? I wanted to tell him, unless I have another child, he is the only person that will be seeing my bottom (his words, not mine) and I did not care what he thought about the looks of it. It seems to me he likes to do this just for himself, not for the patient. Let's hope he is not on call, when my baby decides to come.

I had my RH negativ.e shot also. This lady was either much better, or I was carrying more fat to deposit the needle in. I would not have known she had even given me the shot. Complete 180 from last time.

My sister's SIL went in to labor yesterday, so we kept my nephew last night. He slept in a room across the house from us (kind of where baby girl will be). So I told her to bring the monitors with her, so we could try them out. I put it on my side of the bed on the dresser. Also, there is a ceiling fan and a box fan running simultaneously. The monitor was on the lowest setting. My DH tells me this morning that the nephew is going to need to stay at our house more often until baby girl comes so he or we can get use to the monitors. He said everytime A made a sound or grunt, he would wake up, wait for him to make another one, or go check on him to make sure he was ok. Now who is going to be the better parent? Because I never even knew A was there. I got up to go the restroom a couple of times, and went right back to sleep. Never even knew the monitor existed. Oh well.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

What was I retaining?

Last week after I weighed on Thursday, I decided to weigh again on Friday. My weight had gone back down from 147 to 145.6. I am not sure what I was holding onto, but apparently a lot.

I tell you this so that when I say this weeks weight was 146.4, you won't think I am losing weight. The "waist" is still just above 39 inches, so not much change there.

Last night began as a restless night. I was tired so my DH tucked me in bed. Not 5 mins later, I was up and ready to eat. Dry specia.l k with strawberries is delicous! I wanted pop-tarts, but we don't have any of those, and they are not nearly as healthy. Except probably when you eat the quantity of cereal I consumed last night while playing soli.taire.

I am going to include an old picture just for my reference to see where I've come from. We watched a little of a video the other night from our "it's a girl" party, and you can barely see my bump under my tshirt. I would be shocked if that tshirt still fit now.

But here you go and have a great day!

27 Weeks

20 Weeks

I almost forgot 90 days left!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!

Oh yeah, my GD test is tomorrow and so is my RH nega.tive shot. Oh boy..

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The massage...

...The actual massage was very good. I never thought a side lying massage could be as good on the back, but I really enjoyed it.

A couple of things though:

1. The lady and I were talking about being pregnant, and she asked if I had morning sickness and I said no, and she says oh that's wonderful, you are so lucky. It really is annoying to me (and depending on the day, sometimes more, sometimes less annoying) that people think just because you don't have morning sickness everything is just peachy keen. Somedays I would have glady traded morning sickness for the things I thought and felt. And I am very aware that my issues are small compared to others, but they are mine nonetheless. I guess it is just not as prevelant to have mental issues or people just are just afraid to talk about it. But I think it makes me feel better to get it out, and realize I am not the only one who feels that way.

2. Then she says, people should be careful when talking to newly pregnant people or pregnant mothers in general. A lot of people don't think before speaking and they say some of the stupidest stuff. (I had that experience myself very early in pregnancy and you just wonder WHY? Why would you tell me something like that?) And then she goes on to say, and how far along are you? I say 27 weeks. She says goodness, you are very small. Umm hello? What did you JUST say about being careful about what you say to pregnant people? She is the second one in 3 days to tell me how small I am. Yes, I try to tune these people out, but of course, I can't. Then I wonder is she growing ok? Is everything alright with her? I know she is still there, b/c she has a party a couple of times a day in there. I will be glad when she comes out at 6 -7 lbs versus 9 - 10 lbs. So yes, in the end, I hope she is small, but quit commenting on it.

Sometimes people should just keep there mouths shut or ask the standard questions. When are you due and What is it? Do not ask me how I am feeling. You may not want to know the answer?

Boy did that feel good to get out. Now I can get on with my day. Hope everyone has a good one!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oh the videos...

...Well this was great fun for me. I guess guys never see these kind of things until their wives make them watch one or they see one in a class. The first night we watched a natural childbrith. Now these videos are only 8 mins long so, there is not THAT much to see. Although one important part I wanted him to see was that he baby does not come out clean and that they look scary and gross at first. My DH's comment was "Well, they can clean baby girl up and put her in a dress and then give her to me". Honey, I am sure they will be more than willing to do that. Whatever!

Last night we watched a couple of c-sections. The first was with quads and the second was with twins. One of the twins had to be suctioned out because they had somehow gotten stuck. I thought all of this was just fascinating! DH on the other hand did not. He claims that they have now changed the rules, and husbands are not allowed in there during the surgery. Again, Whatever!

But on the natural childbirth, that woman pushed out a 9lb 9 oz kid! I was highly impressed. To my baby girl, please, please, please, do not get that big.

Today I am having a prenatal massage. I am so excited about this and can not wait. Let's just hope it is a good one!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

"She doesn't like me"

The other night we were sitting on the couch and baby girl was pretty active. Kicking and moving all around. Well her daddy decided to give her a zerbert. She did not like it very much. She completely quit moving for a few minutes. He then leaned down to my belly so he could talk to her and make her move again, and she kicked him in the nose. I thought it was very cute. His response was "She doesn't like me". I had to convince him that was her way of saying she recognized his voice.

We went Saturday and setup our registry and ordered our crib and stuff. It still doesn't seem real though. I have a feeling I am in for quite a shock once she is here.

Last night I decided we would check in on baby girl and listen to her squirm around and kick. Well her heartbeat has never been above 155 on our machine. Last night it was registering 175. I almost flipped out. I did cry. And call the nurse. And my mom. No necessarily in that order though. The nurse said that we should worry if it started dropping and that we were more than welcome to come to labor & delivery and they would set me up on a monitor. Well, that is the last place I want to be, right now. Maybe in several weeks, but not now. So, I told her we would keep a watch on it and come in if it did not come down. After about an hour, it was back down to normal. I know all of this probably sounds crazy, but it is amazing how much a little change can make me worry, that something is completely wrong, and we had registered for nothing, and it was all down hill from there. Yes, I know, very irrational, but still, that was MY thought process. Yes, somedays, I know I need help.

On the schedule for tonight: Birthing videos brought to us by our cable networks and the Discover.y Networ.k. My DH is SOOOOOO excited.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I know its been a while...

...but for those of you who were worried that not much changed last time, don't worry, I more than made up for it this time.

Weight was 147.0 and 39 inches. So yes, I gained 3.5 lbs and 1 inch in a week. And I actually thought I ate better.

The belly button is looking to be on the verge of making its "outie" appearance. WIth my appendectomy scar so close to it, it looks kind of funny. So, just for a few good laughs I have included both front and side pictures this week. I have also started acquiring that fantastic linear negra.

Crazy dreams section: Last night, baby girl was sucking on her ambilical (sp?) cord (I guess) that I could feel it on my belly button from the outside.

Complete change of subject. I don't think all of this has quite set in yet. I seem to be just going through the motions of trying to get everything done, not really realizing that there will be a baby at the end of it. Yes, I can feel her everyday, multiple times, but still. I don't think I have come to the realization yet that this is real. Kind of like for the fathers, who it isn't real to until the baby is born.

While we were laying on the couch last night, baby girl got extremely active and started kicking her daddy's behind. I thought it was rather amusing. He thinks it feels strange (have I mentioned that before?), I only wish he could feel it from the inside, now that is strange.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


...Tax season is over, and we can all relax, until tomorrow. It won't really slow down any until April 30, but the main rush is over.

Nothing exciting has happened lately. My GTT is just a little over a week away. And that day also brings the dreaded rhogram shot. That day is not going to be fun.

If any pregnant girl ever needs a laugh, you should go try on a bathing suit. I tried this and could not get over how ridiculous I looked. It was one of those with the fabric that "hangs" over your belly and ties around your neck. The best thing about it, the awesome cleavage I gave myself by tying it tight enough. And the bottoms were just an absolute joke. Oh well.

Also, we are now down to double digits in our days remaining as two. I think the fun is only about to begin!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Only 3 days left...

...until we are down to double digits. Very scary.

We have not taken a picture yet (b/c I am too lazy) but things could not have changed much, b/c the numbers did not change. Weight was exactly the same at 143.6 and waist was a little over 38 inches.

I believe my the little sweet baby girl is already starting out like my sister. I am a sleeper by nature. I love to sleep. My sister on the other hand can go on very little sleep. She is like that bunny that keeps on going and going and going. So does my little one. She is playing at night when I go to bed and she is playing in the morning when I wake up. Although I think she takes about 2 naps a days it seems like. You would think this would wear her out.

Baby girl did put on a show for Auntie L the other morning at breakfast. She was kicking hard enough to make the shirt move so L could see it without straining. Auntie L was so excited.

Since I am not going to post a picture of myself right now, I will post a picture of my nephew. This is where his mommy learns to pretend she is working while she is really surfing the internet. I think he has it down pat.

Monday, April 7, 2008

My lastest revelations...

1. I WAS on the hunt for a new type of bra. I have never had big boobs and I don't quite know what to do with them. I used to always laugh at the comic strips and cartoons that talked about old women whose boobs hung down to their knees. Not anymore. Mine haven't quite made it to my knees, but instead of buying a bra that would give them support, they now use my new baby shelf as a resting place. Very attractive.

2. When I sit down, my belly is now supported by my thighs. Very odd to me. Sometimes I would like to take the soccer ball I am now hosting and move it to the side for a minute. I have noticed also that certain counter top heights are not made for pregnant women. My belly seems to run into things before I do. I feel some days as if I am constantly apologizing to baby girl for running things into her.

3. It amazes me how some days, I feel like I am carrying a gazillion pounds in front of me and other days, I would not even notice. It must depend on where the baby is sitting as to how much I feel her.

4. They should outlaw mirrors in a pregnant womans house. I spent forever looking at the newly appearing veins I have. They seem to have come out of nowhere and are very apparent. I will take a picture if I can without showing to much. I have also started to get that FANTASTIC line from the belly button down. Although I am still waiting on the belly button to push out. Makes me wonder just how deep that thing was inside me before I got pregnant.

5. Baby girl loves to hear her daddy read to her. If you all have not read Fox on Socks by D R Se.uss. You have got to try it. It is 60+ pages of nothing by rhyming tongue twisters. S

6. My DH's brother will be home from overseas in as many days as we have let to "bake" our little girl. We will be VERY excited to see him come home.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Breaking News on Tuesday...

...Jes.sica Simp.son got out of the hospital. Why was she in the hospital you ask? Because she had a kidney infection. But never fear, according to her, she feels much better. Why was this such big news, because her supposed beau was not by her side. Why? Because he had things to do. LEAVE THEM ALONE!! Yes, I feel bad that she had a kidney infection, but who cares? It certainly does not need to make the C N N headline list.

On to much more important news. 3 more weeks until the big GD (gestational diabetes) test. Not very excited about that more, but even less excited about the Rhogam shot.

This weeks weight, 143.6 and 38 inches. Baby girl now weighs approx 1 1/4 lbs and is about a foot long (about the length of an ear of corn). My uterus (I know you have been looking forward to knowing these things) is now the size of a soccer ball. Some days it feels like it, but it certainly doesn't look like it. If I find a soccer ball, I will take a picture for reference.