Monday, March 30, 2009

I know it has been too long!

I wanted to get this down before I forgot.

We have two more teeth coming in. The top two. Started just before March 20th.

We have now had our first case of pink eye and double ear infection all at one time.
Thursday, march 26th, when I picked her up from daycare, her eye looked suspicous. By middle of the night it was bad. I brought her into our bed, because she would wake up every 30 mins or so, and just yell. Well, she continued to do it in our bed, but at least I could be there to make sure she was ok. Nobody got much sleep that night. So we have been on antibiotics for the ear infection and drops for the eyes. Last night (3-29) she did not want to go to bed. She would scream again when you would lay her down. I don't know if her ears were bothering her or what. So, I went and got her and we snuggled on the couch for a little while and I tried to sleep. After she got restless with that, I decided to take her back to our room, and figured if I was not going to get any sleep, neither was anyone else (DH). That sweet little baby woke up several times to talk to us. She would talk and laugh and try to get someone to interact with her. At this point, I am just completely ignoring her TRYING to get some sleep. It is so hard to not laugh at something cute she does, even though it is the middle of the night, and I am TRYING to get some sleep. But over the last few days, DH has taught her patty cake. Well, of course, since it is so wonderful to clap your hands together, this is what she was doing at 4:30 this morning. I did very good though and did not interact with her, although I really wanted to.

I should have gone and put her back in her bed. But I did not want to get up every 30 mins when she would scream, and go check on her.

She has learned to clap (patty cake). SHe thinks it is so much fun.

When she does something new we get all excited and clap and yell. She gets the biggest smile on her face, like wow, look how good I am. It is so funny.

We are still working on the crawling thing. She will get on all fours, and fall down. She can push herself backwards very good though.

She took her first "crusing" step yesterday (3-29). Although I still think we are far, far away from any walking.