Monday, June 28, 2010

A comparison

My sister thinks I am carrying this baby differently than the first. SO, for her, her is a comparison at 26 weeks.

First picture - first baby

Second picture - Second baby

Sunday, June 6, 2010

In cased you have missed something...

... This is what has been going on.

We are currently 23 weeks pregnant with our second girl! Because the first one came at 35 weeks, we are at a high risk to have this one even earlier. So, I am on 17P shots every week since 16 weeks. Some weeks the shots really hurt, other weeks not so much. I have started developing a welp every week where I get the shot. But, I would rather do this than have a baby born earlier than 35 weeks. I was even told to stop running, and nothing strenuous. Oh well. October will be here soon enough.

Being pregnant with a toddler is obviously WAY different than the first time. Even if I had been told I couldn't run, I am not sure I could have anyway. I get so worn out. I seem to cramp and hurt more than the last time too. But apprarently all of this is normal. They tell you that you will feel more of everything with subsequent pregnancies.

The baby is due on my late grandfathers birthday. My grandfather was a twin and his sister is still alive. She will be 90 this year. So, we are naming the new baby after him / her.

But in other news, here are a few pictures of our sweet princess now.