Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Per my sister

Hopefully some pictures will hold her over.

Me and my girls in a box.

Ivy has done her own makeup. Doesn't she look FABULOUS!

Yesterday, Ada had tubes put in her ears. The first picture is when we first put on her gown.

After waiting for the doctor for 45 minutes. That is a thermometer strip on her head.

The "surgery" went ok. It was definitely harder on me than it was her. Randy stayed home with her all day and I think it was rough. She was pretty fussy. But, just as always, when the other parent gets home, she is fine. She slept all night. Hopefully this will help with the infections.

Another side note, she took 7 - 8 steps at one time, several different times on Saturday, but nothing really since then.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful box of angels!
So glad they are mine!
Ivy may have a future in makeup-or she really understands about Halloween.
So glad little Ada's surgery went ok...it is always harder on the parents...but that is love....
"a little while on our toes, and nerves,but forever in our hearts"